Dadeldhura is a beautiful hilly district with old temples, lakes. This district is well known for folk music and folk songs. Here is the majority of Chettri, Brahmins,KAmi, Sarki, Thakuri,lohar caste groups. Where as,magar, gurung, badi, raute,tamang are the minorities of this district. Gaura parba, hudkeli dance , masta puja, dashain , tihar, baishak sangranti are the main festivals celebrated here.Products made of bamboo, fiber, like doko,dalo, suppo rack, theki, madani. Ajay merukot, Amargadi fort , ugratara temple are the heritages of this district.

General Information:- Situated in the height of 157 meters to 2439 meters from sea level.
Area: 1,538km²
Population: 1,39,669 as per the census of 2058 B.S.(2002 A.D.)

literacy rate : 51.9%
Religion: Hindu, Buddist
Gaura Parva,Dashain, Tihar, Ram Nawami, Baisakh Sankranti, Kartik Jatra, Sri Panchami,  Maghe Sankranti.

Main residents
Chhetri, Bramhin, kami, Sharki, Thakuri , Raute people.

Tourist attraction centers
Ugratara Tample,Ajaymerukot

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