Achham District, a part of Seti Zone, is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal, a landlocked country of South Asia. The district, with Mangalsen as its district headquarters, covers an area of 1,692 km² and has a population (2001) of 231,285. It is one of the remotest districts of Nepal. It is accessible by automobile from Kathmandu and Nepalgunj via a paved road that runs along the western border of Nepal from Dhangadhi.



Longitude: 810 7”- 810 35”

Latitude: 280 45”-290 22”

Area:1,692 km2 (653.3 sq mi)

headquarter: Mangalsen


East: Dailekh and Kalikot

West: Doti,

North: Bajura and Bajhang,

South: Surkhet and Dailekh.


Sub-tropical, Mil- temperate, cool- temperate.


Maximum: 30.00 °Centigrade

Minimum: 1.00 °Centigrade

Rainfall 1790.8 ml.

Predominant culture

Nepali, Gurung, Maithili, Limbu, Bhojpuri, Tamang.

Tourist attraction centers

Mangalsen, Jayagadh, Gajara, Ramaroshan.

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